Started in 2014 - Ongoing

TransHumans finances and participates in an educational project called "Barranca, Reserva Arqueologica" in collaboration with the National University of Cuyo and the secondary Huarpe school in Barrancas.

Aim: Create a space for archaeological investigation and an interest in this almost forgotten indigenous people among primary and secondary schools. 




TransHumans is a local tourism agency responsible is solidarity.
We offer tailor-made trips based on careful listening of travelers a very good knowledge of the terrain.

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism has proved to be the best way to fund educational programs and to participate in the local sustainable development.

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Transhumans, leg. 16017 disp 2089

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From France: 0970 466 466 (price of a local call)

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Christophe : +54 9 261 5616292

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