Cultural awareness is very important to us. Sensitive to the local cultural traditions and beliefs, the beauty of the landscapes and the biodiversity of the ecosystems, we choose to limit the negative impact of our activities on the local environment. In addition to designing trips that aim at preserving the natural, cultural and social resources of the territories in the long term, we also include the concept of “Territorial Compensation”. The idea of Territorial Compensation is to help local people protect and conserve their ecosystem, enhance their cultural heritage and develop sustainable projects for their territory.

Based on this concept of Territorial Compensation, TransHumans donates 3% of the total price of each trip to this cause. The money goes directly into a solidarity fund that finances our ERECA program (Education Relative à l'Environnement et aux Cultures Aborigènes), an environmental and cultural program supporting training and awareness-raising among the local communities.

jardin thrapeutique

During : 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011

Created in 2006 with the technical support of TransHumans' agronomic engineers, this program contributed to the social and professional reintegration of disabled young people through gardening. 




jardin pedagogique misiones

During : 2011

TransHumans promoted and supported gardening programs in two Guaranis rural schools in Missiones region. The project included the expansion of existing vegetable gardens, the diversification of production and the teaching of new technics to children.


serre pdagogique

During : 2007 - 2008

TransHumans contributed to the refurbishing of a local school greenhouse in San Francisco de Alfarcito with the support of its agronomists. Students participation in the gardening activities was key to the production of aromatic plants and other vegetables. 


radio scolaire

During : 2007

TransHumans co-financed the purchase of  radio equipment, including microphones, speakers, computers and other mixing material. This allowed the  implementation of a small scale radio in Hornaditas, where young people could talk about their cultural heritage and improve their oral habilities.



TransHumans is a local tourism agency responsible is solidarity.
We offer tailor-made trips based on careful listening of travelers a very good knowledge of the terrain.

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism has proved to be the best way to fund educational programs and to participate in the local sustainable development.

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