TransHumans was created in France in 2006 as a non-profit association. The main objective was to support local community development in rural areas of Argentina and Chile, by implementing environmental and cultural educational projects.

The initiative was carried out by young professionals in the sustainable development sector, with the common desire to offer support to rural populations. These communities, too often marginalized from national development policies, tend to lack the means to act in favour of the protection of their own natural and cultural heritage, simply because of more urgent needs, caused by their living conditions.

Alongside the Association’s educational programs, TransHumans identified Responsible Tourism as a way to enhance the welfare of people and protect the local natural and cultural heritage.

In September 2010, we decided to create TransHumans Tourism Agency, Responsible Travellers. We soon learned how inspirational and satisfying culturally-respectful and environmentally-sensitive travel can be.

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism has proved to be the best way to fund educational programs and to participate in the local sustainable development.

TransHumans' trips are based on the concept
of mutual enrichment and exchange.

Transhuamns voyages dans le respect des personnes et des cultures

Our goals

  • Encourage human and cultural interactions, as well as mutual understanding between travellers and local families or communities;
  • Improve the quality of life for rural populations and preserve the cultural heritage of the first populations of South America.
  • Preserve and maintain biodiversity;
  • Accompany, support and fund educational projects related to local development, different cultures and the environment


Our trips respect the principles of sustainable
development and fair trade.

Transhumans, des valeurs qui répondent aux principes du commerce équitable

Our values


We organize personalized adventure trips for independent and discerning travellers seeking to connect with the local life and culture. We like to think of a trip as a fair, mutual exchange between travellers and locals, where people share experiences, knowledge and establish human connections. Our itineraries allow travellers to share culture, traditions, customs, and life experiences with local people. Accommodation, tours and activities are selected to generate these one-to-one interactions.


Departing on a journey means seeking other landscapes, new ways of thinking and new experiences ... Feeling small, admiring the greatness and immensity of nature, trying new flavours, discover new cultures... We propose all of these things in our trips. We are passionate about this land. This is a region we know extensively, not just the stunning National Parks and the world renowned sites, but all the little hidden places and people that make this area so special. Without missing any important places, you will get off the beaten track to discover new and exciting life experiences.


Responsibility with travellers, local populations and heritage. At all levels of operation, we aim at minimizing the negative impact of our presence, protecting what is precious and, hopefully, leave a positive impact. We also consider responsibility through equity: the host region should profit fairly from tourism resources both in terms of development and economic benefits.


Every year, TransHumans launch a call to finance several micro-projects within the framework of its ERECA program – Education Related to the Environment and Aboriginal Culture. These projects are co-financed thanks to the traveller’s participation (3% of the price of the trip) and co-financed from different sources.

Les projets sélectionnés sont ensuite accompagnés sur le long terme pour la mise en place de nouveaux projets.

For more information, visit our website section : Solidarity Projects. 

Transhumans, nos références dans le tourisme et nos actions éco-responsables


2006: Article "TransHumans, des éco-voyages au service des cultures, des peuples et de l'environnement".

2007: TransHumans winner of the "Trophées du Tourisme Responsable" (a French award for Responsible Tourism) for their micro-projects in Jujuy Province, Argentina.

2008: Launching of the Responsible Tourism Circuit "The trip of your life" in the house of Jujuy province in Buenos Aires-

2009: Creation of a school textbook on the Guarani culture, to introduce to French schools, as part of a cultural educational program (available on demand).

2010: Creation of TransHumans Responsible Tourism Agency registered with the local Ministry of Tourism.

2010: creation of a set of Responsible and Solidarity Tours in Salta, Jujuy, Missiones, Corrientes, Patagonia - Argentina

2010: creation of a set of Responsible and Solidarity Tours on the Island of Chiloé and the Araucania region - Chile.

2011: TransHumans partnered with Guide Tao Argentine de Viatao, guides for a durable tourism.

2012: TransHumans become member of the French association Voyageurs et Voyagistes Eco-Responsables - V.V.E.

2013: TransHumans is mentioned in the Petit Futé travel guide for Solidarity Tourism.



TransHumans is a local tourism agency responsible is solidarity.
We offer tailor-made trips based on careful listening of travelers a very good knowledge of the terrain.

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism has proved to be the best way to fund educational programs and to participate in the local sustainable development.

Contact us

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