Responsible tourism

At TransHuman we see responsible tourism as referring to various types of tourism: not only sustainable, but also faire, and promoting equity and solidarity.

Our trips encourage real interaction between people, while respecting the culture, history and customs of each individual community. We hope to achieve a real exchange between locals and travellers and in total respect of the natural and cultural environment.

We want local populations to benefit from the resources generated by tourism, thus contributing to improving the quality of their lives.

We advocate for a more responsible tourism as an alternative to conventional or mass tourism. We seek to minimize negative environmental, cultural and socio-economic impacts while maximizing positive economic impacts.

Our commitments

TransHumans Travels, as a Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Agency, is committed:


With local populations to :

  • Put as much as possible back into the local communities;
  • Agree on a fair compensation for the services provided;
  • Prioritize accommodation in local communities and small to medium-size local private suppliers;
  • Respect the rhythm and structure of each community and / or host family;
  • Use local transportation (as long as authorized by the National Commission for Transport Regulation);
  • Take into consideration local population’s feedback and improve the quality of services in the best possible way;
  • Support and fund educational projects related to sustainable, environmental and cultural development.


With travellers to :

  • Get him/her satisfied with the trip;
  • Charge the services at a fair price;
  • Limit group size to a maximum of 12 people;
  • Give clear and sincere information about travel conditions;
  • Take into consideration tourist’s feedback concerning the quality of services provided and improve it in the best way possible;
  • Use the solidarity fund to finance and promote educational projects and report for a project monitoring.


On behalf of sustainable development and the environment to:

  • Work with small groups to minimize the use of resources in the first place;
  • Generate the minimum amount of waste;
  • Reduce travel distances and encourage travellers to use local public transportation;
  • Use, wherever possible, renewable energy and purchase local organic products;
  • Preserve and protect Flora and Fauna;
  • Restrict human impact on sensitive natural areas;
  • Inform travellers and local populations on environmental issues and suggest solutions that they can provide.

Our "pact of Responsible Tourism"

TransHumans wrote its own Charter of Tourism suited to the local circumstances in the countries in which we operate. This was inspired by the «Charte du Tourisme Responsable (Lanzarote, Iles Canaries, 1995); by the « Tourisme et éthique » adopted by the French Secretary of State for Tourism in 2000; by the «Charte du tourisme solidaire» of ATES (France, 2007); of the «Chart de AREMPT» (Morocco, 2007).

Download TransHumans's Charter of Responsible and Solidarity Tourism

Territorial Compensation 

ultural awareness is very important to us. Sensitive to the local traditions and beliefs, the beauty of the landscapes and the biodiversity of the ecosystem, we choose to limit the negative impact of our activities on the local environment. In addition to designing trips that aim at preserving the natural, cultural and social resources of the territories in the long term, we also include the concept of “Territorial Compensation”.

Various researches conducted by the French association of Eco-Responsible Operators and Travellers (association française Voyageurs et Voyagistes Eco-Responsables* (V.V.E.) ) on the impact of tourism, gradually created the concept of Territorial Compensation.

Unlike the compensation of the carbon footprint, which only considers the travellers environmental impact, this concept aims to help people preserve threatened environments, promote their traditional knowledge and build a sustainable development for their territories. 

Based on this concept of Territorial Compensation, TransHumans donates 3% of the total price of each trip to this cause (of which 5 euros are dedicated to the VVE association). This way, each traveller becomes member of the VVE association. The money raised allows the support and development of educational projects aimed at training and awareness-raising for local communities.

Learn more about our Actions Solidaires

TransHumans Voyages, voyagiste Responsable et Solidaire


TransHumans is a local tourism agency responsible is solidarity.
We offer tailor-made trips based on careful listening of travelers a very good knowledge of the terrain.

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism has proved to be the best way to fund educational programs and to participate in the local sustainable development.

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